97 Days: Was the Promise True?

I have passed the magic number! I'm more than 90 days clean!

So, am I sharper, more aware, more alert?


Yes, actually, in some ways. I'm reading more, and more dense texts again. I'm reading a lot more non-fiction than I ever have, and I'm able to focus on and enjoy it more than I ever have.

But it's not like some switch flipped last week, and made me all better. I'm still worried about relapse, if anything I'm more worried about relapse.

But the opposite is also true. I made it this far, and I feel like I can keep going. I feel more likelihood of getting truly free than I ever have before.

I guess this sort of fits with this whole process. I have made progress, and I can see that progress, but it's never a magic light switch, it's always one day at a time.