Moving Towards Lasting Freedom, Enjoying Daily Freedom

The “big goal” of addiction recovery is finding Lasting Freedom, a term that definitely earns its capitals and italics. Every day I don't use is one day closer to Lasting Freedom.

But...what is Lasting Freedom? It's just a long string of days where I don't use.

So, here's where I have to be subtle with myself. It's okay, even good, to enjoy each day I don't use on it's own, not just as a step to something bigger. Even if I'm not fully free (will I ever be really free? Probably not.) I have made it through this day without using, and that's pretty good too!

But I don't want to get too excited yet, because I've learned by experience that complacency leads to relapse.

So the trick is to celebrate each day as a victory, without getting too excited, but still celebrating.

Imagine trying to throw that party!